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The work we do here blends fundamental economic concepts, global business perspectives, and astute financial management – a unique mix stemming from my diverse educational journey. Let’s delve into my academic path that has shaped the heart of Pixelocity.

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Education & Certs

It’s easy to learn, study and prepare with a passion for the subject matter.

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The Early Years: UC Berkeley

In 1997, I earned my Economics degree from the esteemed UC Berkeley. There, I grasped economic theories, quantitative methodologies, and business applications. These principles still guide me today in crafting effective digital marketing strategies. A deep understanding of economics helps to anticipate market trends, driving Pixelocity’s strategic planning and success.

International Exposure: Sophia University, Tokyo

Upon graduating, I embarked on an overseas adventure to Tokyo, immersing myself in International Business studies at Sophia University while serving the California government’s trade office. This experience enhanced my understanding of global economic trends and cross-cultural business practices, invaluable knowledge in a digital marketing landscape without geographical boundaries.

Deep Dive into Finance: Boston University

To further augment my skills, I added a Masters’s Degree in Finance and Financial Management from Boston University to my educational portfolio in 2022. This program enriched my financial modeling, corporate finance, and investment analysis capabilities. The financial insights I gained now empower me to deliver cost-effective and high-return digital marketing strategies to my clients.

Applying Knowledge to Pixelocity

Every milestone in my educational journey finds its application in Pixelocity. The blend of economics, international business, and financial management provides a unique lens through which I view digital marketing. Whether predicting market trends, understanding global digital patterns, or crafting budget-optimized strategies, my educational background empowers me to navigate the digital world with precision and foresight.

My journey is a testament to the power of continuous learning and adaptation – values at the core of Pixelocity. As the digital landscape evolves, so do I, and with this commitment to learning, I bring my clients innovative and results-oriented digital marketing strategies.


I’m a passionate digital marketing professional committed to lifelong learning and constant upskilling. I believe in the power of knowledge, education, and certification to stay abreast of the ever-evolving digital marketing landscape. That’s why I’ve dedicated myself to earning various certifications that enhance my business & marketing expertise and enable me to provide the best possible support to my clients.

Here are some of my certifications below:


  • Economics Degree from University of California at Berkeley


  • Financial Management at Boston University


  • Preferred Advertising Partner, Google Search Ads, Google Shopping Ads, Google Display Ads, Google Video Ads, Google Apps Ads


  • A+ Certification


  • Top Rated Plus


  • Agency Partner


  • Certified Partner

“Nick excels in pretty much anything he sets his mind to. He is a natural born leader and does not shy away from challenges. He relishes in the journey as much as crossing the finish line. And he has an uncanny knack for getting everyone on board!”

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