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This chapter of my life is about helping other small business owners master real-world marketing skills to make their own passions thrive.

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Over two decades of business experience and marketing lessons learned.

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It’s easy to learn, study and prepare with a passion for the subject matter.

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Helping other small business owners connect their marketing dots is fun.


My journey is a testament to resilience, constant learning, and a driving passion for empowering small businesses. Through triumphs and trials, I’ve developed a distinctive approach to digital marketing that might be the turning point for your business’s success. Discover the entire narrative of how I switched from foam and fabric to the world of algorithms and A/B testing. Click here to read “From Sofas to Pixels: My Entrepreneurial Journey.”


My educational path has been a rich tapestry of experiences, beginning with an Economics degree at UC Berkeley, through International Business studies in Tokyo, and culminating in a Masters in Finance from Boston University. This comprehensive background empowers me to anticipate market trends, understand global digital patterns, and craft budget-optimized strategies for high returns. Explore how continuous learning and adaptation form the backbone of Pixelocity’s innovative and results-driven approach. Click here to explore my educational journey and its influence on Pixelocity’s success.

Undergrad Education: UC Berkeley – BA in Economics – Go Bears!

Overseas Education: Sophia University in Tokyo – International Business Focus

Masters’s Education: Boston University in Financial Management – Data Science


Journey with me, Nick Ostroff, as I guide you through my entrepreneurial path, navigating the realms of bespoke furniture with The Sofa Company and Recliners.LA, venturing into the digital world of restaurant applications with 99Apps, and pioneering the LA furniture scene with exotic imports through MisterImporter. Each of these diverse experiences, fueled by my passion for customer satisfaction and drive to innovate, have come together to shape Pixelocity. In this digital marketing agency, we harness the power of the online world to help your business thrive. Discover how each of my ventures has informed my approach to digital marketing and laid the foundation of my unwavering commitment to client success. Click here to delve into my various business endeavors.

Business Experience: The Sofa Company, Recliners.LA, 99APPs, Mister Importer, Pixelocity


In the fast-paced world of digital marketing, staying up-to-date with the latest trends, techniques, and tools is crucial. That’s why I’ve dedicated myself to continuous learning, earning various professional certifications that affirm my expertise. This commitment allows me to offer cutting-edge solutions and strategies that propel my clients’ businesses forward. Curious about my qualifications? Click here to explore my diverse portfolio of marketing certifications and see how they enable me to provide top-tier digital marketing support.


Success in digital marketing isn’t just about implementing strategies; it’s about creating tangible, positive outcomes for businesses. At Pixelocity, I’ve been privileged to partner with hundreds of businesses, helping them to thrive in the digital landscape. But don’t just take my word for it! Click here to see what my clients say about their experiences through their reviews and testimonials. Their stories and successes underscore the effectiveness and impact of our customized digital marketing strategies.

“Nick excels in pretty much anything he sets his mind to. He is a natural born leader and does not shy away from challenges. He relishes in the journey as much as crossing the finish line. And he has an uncanny knack for getting everyone on board!”

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