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Welcome to Pixelocity, your trusted partner in digital marketing right here in Manhattan Beach. My name is Nick Ostroff, and after owning and operating The Sofa Company in Los Angeles for over 20 years, I founded Pixelocity in 2020. My business journey instilled a deep love for digital marketing, a passion I now use to help other small business owners like you thrive. I specialize in achieving higher ROI through strategic PPC tactics on Google.

Though a Los Angeles native, I chose Manhattan Beach as my home after graduating from UC Berkeley. Its vibrant community, proximity to loved ones, and local charm made it the perfect fit. This personal connection gives Pixelocity a unique edge – a thorough understanding of the local business landscape and an intimate knowledge of the area that sets us apart from other agencies.

At Pixelocity, our dedication is to support small business owners. As a fellow business owner, I recognize your challenges, particularly in digital marketing. It’s hard to keep up with evolving digital marketing trends while managing your business, especially without a dedicated internal marketing team. That’s where Pixelocity steps in.

My sole focus for the past three years has been Pixelocity, offering my digital marketing expertise and real-life business experience. This is not a cookie-cutter marketing approach – it’s practical knowledge born from years of owning and managing various facets of businesses, from retail to e-commerce to manufacturing and importing.

Our mission is straightforward: to help small business owners efficiently implement a cost-effective and sustainable digital marketing strategy. As the digital landscape continues to evolve, we’re here to help you navigate it, ensuring your business remains competitive.

While we possess a broad understanding of digital marketing, our expertise lies in PPC. I’ve found that PPC with Google (and Bing) provides small business owners an immediate avenue to generate targeted, appropriate, and effective prospects swiftly. Trust Pixelocity to propel your business to new heights in the digital world.

Marketing to Manhattan Beach

Marketing to Manhattan Beach presents a unique opportunity for businesses due to the town’s distinctive characteristics. Here are a few reasons why:

  1. Affluent Community: Manhattan Beach is home to an affluent population with a high disposable income. This allows businesses to target consumers who have the financial capacity to invest in their products or services.
  2. Support for Local Businesses: The community spirit in Manhattan Beach is strong, with residents keen to support local businesses. A well-executed marketing strategy can tap into this supportive atmosphere to establish trust and foster long-term customer relationships.
  3. Unique Demographics: The area’s demographic is diverse, encompassing professionals, families, and retirees, which allows businesses to target a wide range of potential customers.
  4. High Engagement Rates: Residents in Manhattan Beach are known for their high engagement rates. They actively participate in local events, engage with social media, and value community newsletters. This provides numerous opportunities for businesses to interact with potential customers.
  5. Ideal Location: Manhattan Beach’s location is advantageous for businesses. Its proximity to Los Angeles, the tech hubs of Silicon Beach, and the booming industries in El Segundo mean that it’s perfectly placed to attract a wider audience.
  6. Lifestyle Alignment: The beach lifestyle aligns well with many business offerings, from health and wellness to outdoor activities, fashion, food, and drink. Businesses that align their marketing to this lifestyle can resonate more deeply with the locals.

In summary, a focused marketing strategy targeting Manhattan Beach can be rewarding due to the area’s supportive, affluent community, diverse demographics, high engagement rates, and unique lifestyle. This makes Manhattan Beach an attractive market for businesses across a variety of industries.

“Nick was excellent to work with. I was skeptical at first with my last experience from another individual. I wouldn’t recommend anyone else. Nick is knowledgeable, truly charismatic for your success, a true professional at what he does and overall a great guy.”

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